6th May 2018 - 14 Years of Pub Fest!


So you’ve got your costumes sorted, your passports in hand and you’re ready to roll, but who’s going to opt out of drinking at a Pub Fest and be the designated
driver (D-D)? 

Responsible drinking is all about planning ahead.

One of the best ways to do this is to nominate a ‘Skipper’ - someone who will look after his/her friends while they are enjoying a few drinks and ensure everyone gets home safely.

This year registered Skippers will be rewarded with FREE soft drink at all of the Pub Fest venues. 

Registration is essential!


How to register

Step One: 
Visit our Event staff at Pub Fest Central located on the City Hall Forecourt.

Step Two:
Event staff will give you the terms & conditions to read and a registration form to sign.

Step Three:
Once completed you will be given the green light! You will then receive your driver’s wristband – which enables you to receive FREE Soft Drink for the duration of the Pub Fest!

If DDs are found drinking alcohol, their wrist band will be removed by security or bar staff.