6th May 2018 - 14 Years of Pub Fest!

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum age to be involved?

Yes, you must be 18 years of age or over to participate in the Pub Crawl. Please do not bring along minors to the event as they will not be allowed inside any of the pubs.

How do I go between the Pubs?

Free shuttle buses are avilable to holders of passports. They will run loops from inner city hotels to the outer hotels. Getting between the pubs is half the fun! - Rememeber No Passport - No Bus!! Don't be a pub fest scrooge! :)

Which pub do I start at?

You can start at any of the participating pubs, but the best tip is to start at one of the pubs in the centre of town or the Banyan Bar?! Then you can catch the shuttle bus to the outer pubs at the end of the day. Believe us, this will save you a lot of time!

What do I have to drink?

We recommend and encourage non-alcoholic drinks. If you do choose to drink alcohol, please drink and act responsibly and do not drive.

Can I drink between Pubs?

You cannot drink between pubs, no alocoholic drinks are allowed to be consumed outside the designated hotel areas.

Are there buses coming from Hervey Bay for the event?

Yes, buses will be operating to and from Hervey Bay on the event day. Please call 4121 4070 to book your seat.

What time does the festival start and finish?

The Festival will be held on May 6th 2018, it will began at Midday and finishes at 8:00pm.

Do I have to purchase a Passport?

Yes, to be an official participant and receive the benefits below you must purchase a Pub Fest Crawl Card.

Proceeds from the sale of each Crawl Card will go to the charity of choice.

Each Passport contains the information you need to make your crawl go as smooth as possible and to keep up to date on all things pub fest related!

The PubFest Passport includes:

  • Official Pub Fest Venues and Map of the trail

  • Official Event Line Up

  • Bus Pass and bus route

  • Costume Competition Information

Do I need ID?

Yes, security guards will be checking ID on entry to each hotel.

Can I buy merchandise at the Festival?

Merchandise stands will be setup at the events, however we do encourage you to purchase your merchandise prior to the event so you don't miss out!

Will there be road closures?

Yes, to ensure the safety of our event goers there will be road closures in place throughout the Maryborough CBD.  Roads will re-open at 9pm after the Festival concludes.